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Avoiding The Review Swap Trap | Roxanna C Revell

Review swapping usually happens when one author contacts another and suggests that they read each other’s books. It may not ever be said outright, but the idea is that both books are then left a five-star review. Again, I hear you asking, Why this is a problem? If authors need reviews (especially good reviews) then why not support each other in this way?
Surely, it’s harmless? Actually, no. If Amazon suspects that your reviews aren’t legitimate, they will strip you of them. All of them.

Review | Dry by Neal Shusterman and Jarrod Shusterman

The story follows Alyssa and Kelton, two well-off/comfortable Californian teens, as they navigate a world without water. This near future dystopia was initially capitivating – it’s a terrifying version of California that isn’t really that far from our current world.

12 Forms Of Cheap or Free Book Advertising

A self-published authors greatest enemy is budget! When you’re funding everything yourself, it can get really expensive, really quickly! These cheap and free book advertising tips will help you to keep your budget in check.

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