T. C. Emerys A.K.A Tegan. Born in Reading, England. Writer and ghostwriter.

T. C. Emerys – Writer and Ghostwriter

Writer and ghostwriter available for hire.

My short fiction collection The Weight of Rain is available on Amazon.

My samples are available via email enquires only, but you can see my price list here.

You can hire me directly or find me on Freelancer if you prefer.

Credited Publications

The Weight of Rain: A Collection of Short Fictionpublished on Amazon in October 2020.

Undeveloped History (from The Weight of Rain) – available to read for free here.


BA (Hons) in English Literature (2016)

MA (Hons) in Medieval Studies (2017)

Ghostwriting Experience

Please note that due to the nature of ghostwriting most of my work has been completed under NDA, I may not be able to share specific project details with you. Although past work may not be available, I can write a short sample piece free of charge before continuing with the project.

Testimonials can be found here or on my Freelancer profile.

Autobiography and short stories
(April 2019-August 2019)
A collection of autobiographical stories and fiction for a client whose second language is English.

(Oct 2019-Jan 2020)
A collection of autobiographical stories for a client writing whose second language is English.

Story and dialogue for a mobile phone game
(Dec 2019-Jan 2020)
A short project for a client who needed dialogue and character descriptions for a mobile phone game.

Thriller series (3+ novellas)
(March 2020-July 2020)
The series currently comprises of three novellas, soon to be expanded as per the clients’ wishes.

Romance novel
(May 2020-June 2020)
This novel was for a client who is a non-native speaker. He had an idea for a story but struggled to write it himself.

Thriller series (4+ novellas)
(August 2020-present)

This series currently comprises of 3 novellas but is due to be expanded to 4 or more.

Children’s stories (2-4 stories per week)
(August 2020-present)
Working as part of a team of hundreds of other ghostwriters, I’m writing children’s stories for children learning English as a second language. The project aims to complete around 3000 stories in 3 years, of which I will hopefully contribute a significant part.

Romance series (5 novellas)
(January 2021-present)
A series of romance novellas completed to a short deadline.

Cosy murder mystery series (3+ novellas)
(April 2021-present)
A series of cosy murder mystery novellas.

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