12 Forms Of Cheap or Free Book Advertising

A self-published authors greatest enemy is budget! When you’re funding everything yourself, it can get really expensive, really quickly! These cheap and free book advertising tips will help you to keep your budget in check.

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I understand that not everyone would like to use Amazon due to the company’s oligopoly on the market. I personally like to support small booksellers more than Amazon, and thus I was in two minds about self-publishing with KDP. I think it is, however, important to remember that self-published authors are facilitated and given invaluableContinue reading “Purchase The Weight of Rain Here!”

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The Weight of Rain by T. C. Emerys is a collection of short stories – the perfect gift for the book lover in your life this Christmas. This collection has something for everyone as each story delves into the minds of seemingly different people, united by their humanity. The stories are emotional, suspenseful and fullContinue reading “Purchase Your Signed Copy of The Weight of Rain In Time For Christmas!”