Write With Confidence: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome by Ray Commins of StoryBud

Banish imposter syndrome when writing! While many can seemingly launch themselves into the world of writing and then shout about it with ease, many of us approach in more tentative, even timid, steps.

Purchase The Weight of Rain Here!

I understand that not everyone would like to use Amazon due to the company’s oligopoly on the market. I personally like to support small booksellers more than Amazon, and thus I was in two minds about self-publishing with KDP. I think it is, however, important to remember that self-published authors are facilitated and given invaluableContinue reading “Purchase The Weight of Rain Here!”

Undeveloped History (from The Weight of Rain)

“Undeveloped History” is a short story from The Weight of Rain, my short story collection published on 20th October 2020. Undeveloped History by T. C. Emerys I wonder for a moment if I’m going to collapse right here on the pavement. My heartbeat fills my ears so loudly that I can feel pain in myContinue reading “Undeveloped History (from The Weight of Rain)”