“Plotter” or “Pantser”: Finding A Writing Process That Works For You (With 4 Useful Exercises)

It’s useful is having a few different processes to fall back on. Variety is the spice of life but it’s also the spice of writing. It’s not as simple as “plot thoroughly” or “make it up”, there’s a degree of both, and lots of different methods within those.

Character Chemistry: How To Make Fictional Relationships Feel Real (With 3 Useful Writing Exercises)

Once you’ve created your unique, complex and wonderful characters (see here for more information about how to create interesting characters) you need to form relationships between them. I don’t mean this merely in the romantic sense – your character relationships can be familial, platonic, rivalries or romantic. The first thing to remember is that likeContinue reading “Character Chemistry: How To Make Fictional Relationships Feel Real (With 3 Useful Writing Exercises)”

Writing With Writer’s Block (With 4 Useful Writing Exercises)

Writer’s block is possibly the single most frustrating feeling any author will have whilst working on a fiction project. If you’ve been lucky to avoid it thus far, imagine it like a wall that you can’t seem to climb over to the other side. You may know the road your story will take on theContinue reading “Writing With Writer’s Block (With 4 Useful Writing Exercises)”

Creating Characters: Embracing the “Unlikeable”

The hardest challenge in creating characters is avoiding clich├ęs, stereotypes and identical narrators. This is for two (very much entwined) reasons. Firstly, every character we’ve ever read or created is in our heads. This is the case whether the character resonated with you or not. Whether you remember them. Whether they influenced you as aContinue reading “Creating Characters: Embracing the “Unlikeable””